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Kingsway Mall Exterior Hoarding Construction Wall Signs | Edmonton, AB

An inexpensive way to advertise a new expansion is by using Direct Print onto Hi-Core. That is what the Sign-Tech Media Team used for a 300′ Exterior Hoarding Construction Wall Sign at the Kingsway Mall in Edmonton. Everyone is made aware of the new expansion’s coming arrival throughout the duration of the renovations. When you are considering any sort of renovations, be sure to give us a call so we can help to keep your presence known, and brand in tact, during the time of construction.


West Edmonton Mall Hoarding Wall for Aritzia

The Sign-Tech Media Team has you covered when it comes to hoarding wall graphics. This allows you to keep up your professional image while you are under renovations. We just completed this 12′ tall by 126′ long hoarding wall for Aritzia in the West Edmonton Mall. Next time you are about to start renovations, be sure to get in touch with us so you can keep your brand presence while you are down for the renos.