Park Performance Perforated Window Graphics

A great way to add some colour to a space is with Perforated Window Graphics. This adds a graphic to one side, and is translucent from the other so that you are still easily able to see out through the window. Sign Tech Media supplied and installed this window graphic vinyl for Park Performance to add some extra life to their parts sales floor, while adding a little extra privacy for the office behind.

Bison Relocation Transport Can Decals

Parks Canada has successfully relocated 16 bison from Elk Island National Park to the remote Panther Valley in Banff National Park. This video by Parks Canada shows how the process worked. The Sign Tech Media Team supplied and installed the graphics on the shipping containers used in the relocation process.



Capital Jeep Dodge Ram Graphic Wraps

Vehicle Graphic Wraps are a great way to catch the eye of potential clients everywhere you go. Adding a little colour like in these wraps, using a 3M 480 Wrap Vinyl, you are sure to have everyone’s attention as your Parts or Service Shuttles drive around town. Don’t miss out on this excellent marketing potential, get in touch with us to find out the many ways we can help to promote your brand.

Capital Jeep Vans Graphic Wraps



Fountain Tire Wall Mural

Wall Mural graphics are a great way to create atmosphere and bring life into any space. This beautiful mountain scene provides a peaceful and welcoming ambience for employees and customers of Fountain Tire. This is an inexpensive way to keep your offices updated with a fresh and modern look, using 3M Vinyl for drywall application.

Fountain Tire Wall Mural Graphics


Kingsway Mall Exterior Hoarding Construction Wall Signs | Edmonton, AB

An inexpensive way to advertise a new expansion is by using Direct Print onto Hi-Core. That is what the Sign-Tech Media Team used for a 300′ Exterior Hoarding Construction Wall Sign at the Kingsway Mall in Edmonton. Everyone is made aware of the new expansion’s coming arrival throughout the duration of the renovations. When you are considering any sort of renovations, be sure to give us a call so we can help to keep your presence known, and brand in tact, during the time of construction.


Oasis Fish & Reptile Vehicle Wrap

We are very excited to show you our latest vehicle wrap that we finished for Oasis Fish & Reptile. The team at Sign-Tech Media designed, manufactured and installed this wrap onto a Nissan Xterra, which includes our “see-through” window film on the side windows.

xterra wrap pet store edmonton

xterra wrap pet store edmonton